Digital Pollution

Experimenting with some ideas for a new series I'm doing titled "Digital Pollution". When I talk of digital pollution, I am more interested in the intrusion of the digital into the natural space, and how that distorts the beauty and meaning of things. In this sense, the digital becomes the pollutant rather than the polluted. Some see digital pollution as synonymous with content pollution — the over saturation of content in the digital space. Although that could as well be in view, my interest at this phase is to focus on where the digital intersects with the analog aspects of our daily lives.

The process of creating these pieces are very much a part of the narrative. Digital noises are processed to create a low resolution bit rate audio clip. The audio is then loaded into a computer program together with the original photograph to create the distortion. The level of complexity or chaos in each image is partly based on the frequency of the sound. In addition to this, movements in front of the computer camera randomly assigns color tints to the image.




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