What do you do with your umbrella after using it in the rain? Most people leave it in the hallway or corners of rooms to drip off. Dri-Mate is a product concept that primarily helps to address the inconvenience of carrying wet umbrellas. The product gives the user a hassle-free way of carrying an umbrella by means of a pouch that can be clipped on to a bag or belt-hole. Most importantly, the umbrella pouch is lined with an absorbent material that enables the user to wipe off any excess moisture to avoid dripping.

You only need to tuck your wet umbrella into your Dri-Mate and twist it around a few times to get most of the excess moisture off. The result is a drip-free umbrella that gives you the convenience of getting into offices, cars or homes without having to worry about where to set your umbrella.

The main consideration for selecting the final idea after brainstorming was simplicity. I wanted an idea that did not require a paradigm shift in human behavior. The idea had to be congruent to the natural habits of the users. I finally settled on an accessory that served both as an umbrella carrier, and also as a means to wipe off the excess moisture.

I experimented with different materials during the prototyping stage and finally settled on a microfiber chenille as an absorbent material and a Tide washing detergent bottle as the outer shell.