Kofi Opoku

Back in Motion

As I prepare to teach another semester of Motion Graphics, I thought I’d share some of the most successful student works.

First is this piece by James O’Hara. It satisfies most of the requirements of the brief. I asked students to communicate their personal attributes by using shapes. No sound was allowed. This piece shows a good understanding of motion physics and spatial arrangement.

Raegan Ricer’s Station ID for Youtube kids is fit for TV. She did most of the animation frame-by-frame.

Sabah Ahmed had a unique take on Comedy Central’s Station ID. Type, color, and sound drive the message.

Abbey Estep’s Sation ID for Mezzo TV is simple but not simplistic. She did an excellent job with the videography and coordinating the illustrations with the sound.

Zane Huggins’ explainer video on media literacy is engaging and informative. As you can see in the video, Zane is also a brilliant illustrator and sketch artist. His transitions, color control, and motion physics were all brilliant.

Kallie Robinson explains RenĂ© Descartes’ corgito argument. I find Descartes a rather intriguing philosopher, and I enjoyed how Kallie approached the subject with humor.

And finally, one of my favorite pieces from the film title sequence project. I challenged students to execute their title sequences to the style of a famous art movement. Rebecca Patton did the titles for Little Miss Sunshine to the Memphis Style.